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Paleo Sausage and Peppers Salad

Sausage SaladYou can Still have your Sausage and peppers with this delicious Paleo Sausage and Peppers Salad.

When I lived in New York City, I loved going to street fairs and I loved the food vendors there.  One of my favorite street foods, was the Sausage and Peppers on a hoagie at the San Gennaro Festival on Mulberry Street in Little Italy.  It was sooo good!

Sometimes, I still get a yen for sausage and peppers, but I don't want all the bread.  This salad is a delicious compromise, and I don't get the heavy bread gut afterwards.  It is really yummy, give it a try!

I like to roast everything in the oven on baking sheets because it doesn't splatter all over my stove top.   I also like the way the roasted vegetables lose a lot of their moisture in the oven.  Soggy veggies on a salad are not very appealing!   You can line the baking  sheets with foil or parchment paper if you want, for easy clean up.

Rosated Peppers and Herbs

Rosated Mushrooms

I really like a bit of grated pecorino romano cheese on this salad, but you can skip if you are dairy-free.

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Paleo Sausage and Peppers Salad


  • 4 Tbs olive oil divided or your favorite fat
  • 1 lb sweet Italian pork sausage cut into bite size pieces you could use turkey sausage instead
  • 1 8 oz container sliced mushrooms I used baby bellas
  • 1 sweet Red yellow, or orange pepper cut into lengthwise strips
  • 1 large red onion cut in half lengthwise and sliced
  • 1 clove of garlic minced
  • 8 grape tomatoes cut in half lengthwise
  • 1 romaine lettuce heart or half a head of romaine
  • ¼ cup fresh basil julienned
  • 2 Tbs fresh oregano chopped
  • 1 Tbs grated pecorino romano or parmesan optional
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • For the Vinaigrette:
  • 1 Tbs balsamic vinegar
  • 1 Tbs olive oil
  • ¼ tsp raw honey
  • dash of salt
  • I recommend using organic ingredients when possible.


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Place chopped sweet Italian Sausage on a baking sheet that has been prepared with a thin layer of olive oil. Roast in oven, stirring every 10 minutes, until all sides get evenly browned. In my oven it took about 35 minutes.
  • Spread sliced peppers and onions in a single layer on a baking sheet that has been prepared with a thin layer of olive oil. Toss peppers and onions with two Tbs olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste. Roast in oven, stirring every 10 minutes or so. Remove from oven when peppers are very brown in spots and fragrant, mine took about 25 minutes. Add fresh basil and oregano to the mixture and toss well.
  • Spread sliced mushrooms in a single layer on a baking sheet that has been prepared with a thin layer of olive oil. Toss mushrooms with two Tbs olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Roast in oven, for 10 minutes stir and roast for another 10 minutes. Add garlic, to the mushrooms and toss. Roast for a final 10 minutes.
  • In a large salad bowl add the chopped or torn romaine, sliced tomatoes, cooked sausage and vegetables. Toss salad with balsamic vinaigrette, salt and pepper to taste, and garnish with grated romano cheese (optional).
  • For the Vinaigrette:
  • In a small container with a tightly fitting lid, combine balsamic vinegar, honey, and dash of salt. Shake well until incorporated. Add olive oil
  • to the mixture and shake again.


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  1. I found this recipe looking for a good salad to use Italian sausage and it was great! I pretty much had everything and the amount of veggies and meat on the romaine really came together nicely.

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